Jarate Chop!

TF2 BBall Server Config

BBall works best with the following configuration:

  • Soldiers (and maybe Demos) only
  • 2v2 or 3v3
  • No Shotguns

To achieve these I use the following plugins:

On top of these plugins I also run the following config:

tf_flag_caps_per_round 20
mp_winlimit 20
tf_weapon_criticals 0

The reason both tf_flag_caps_per_round and mp_winlimit are required is that different maps score the caps differently. ctf_bball2 scores each cap as a round win, whereas ctf_pro_bball scores each cap as a CTF cap within a single round. We set both to 20 because that anecdotally leads to each round taking about 15-20 minutes which is a comfortable length of time.

A better config on ctf_pro_bball is to use tf_flag_caps_per_round 10 and mp_maxrounds 5 to say that each game goes for 10 caps, and have 5 rounds before the map changes. Combined with the BBall Limit Players plugin it provides an opportunity for players to sub in/out when the server is busy.

Crits are turned off because half the fun of BBall is being able to practise your RJing, air movement, and aim; crits randomly ruin that.