Jarate Chop!


These are the ramblings of Yarr! goosmurf, a fun-having TF2 player from Sydney, Australia.

I've been playing variants of Team Fortress for 15+ years, starting with QWTF, then Q3F, and now TF2. Since August 2012 I've been running a few MvM and regular TF2 servers over at Smurfy Fortress.

The blog is primarily about the non-competitive Australian TF2 scene, particularly server stats, but will randomly branch out to general TF2 strategy, economy, and whatever else catches my interest.

I started this blog because whilst there are sites like OzFortress for the competitive scene there doesn't seem to be much commentary on the fun-having pub scene.

If you have any questions or stuff to share please leave a comment below, I'd love to see more content from the Australian TF2 scene in general.