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Dilbert TF2

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reddit user Xovaan has created a series of awesome Dilbert-ified TF2 characters:

Dilbert Medic:
Dilbert Medic

Alice Demoman:
Alice Demoman

Dogbert Spy:
Dogbert Spy

World's Smartest Garbageman Engineer:
World's Smartest Gargageman Engineer

Loud Howard Scout:
Loud Howard Scout

Elbonian Soldier:
Elbonian Soldier

Pointy-haired Boss Heavy:
Pointy-haired Boss Heavy

Wally Sniper:
Wally Sniper

Catbert Pyro:
Catbert Pyro

They're hosted here, with Xovaan's permission, for posterity since the original images were posted to Imgur where they will eventually expire. Each image links to the original full sized version.

The original reddit threads are, in chronological order, oldest first: